GrECo nova – Expert in international client servicing

After the fall of the Iron Curtain GrECo was the first foreign broker to establish a subsidiary in Hungary in 1989. Our ambition back then was to be close to the client and to guarantee the best possible service abroad. This ambition became our guiding principle. Since 1994 GrECo has been offering international clients worldwide risk and insurance management and has set up a network of carefully selected expert brokers. Today. we operate in 17 countries in the CEE region, ensuring that our clients receive the assistance and services they need at their doorstep.

GrECo nova

GrECo nova, our global specialist insurance broking network, provides our clients with decisive benefits in all their global ventures.

International Client Services

The global expansion of a company offers many opportunities, but also involves several risks. With the entry and growth into new markets, new challenges arise also in the area of risk and insurance management.

Jonathan Höh

Group Sales & Market Coordination

T +43 664 962 39 20

Natalia Zaborovska

Natalia Zaborovska

Group Head of International

T +372 5824 3096