Information according to Art. 137 f GewO, Art. 5 E-commerce Act and Art. 25 (5) Media Act

GrECo International Holding AG
Insurance Brokers and Consultants
Elmargasse 2-4
1190 Vienna
Tel. +43 5 04 04 0
Fax +43 50 404 11 999

Company register Vienna, FN 70663 t
UID: ATU58160135 

Trade license: Insurance intermediation as insurance broker and insurance consultant (Art. 94 (76) and Art. 137 et seq. GewO)
GewO = Austrian trade regulation:
Supervisory authority: Magistrat der Stadt Wien, MBA 19., 1180 Vienna, Martinstraße 100
Insurance intermediary register GISA 24158374
GISA accessibility:
Authority for complaints: Bundesministerium für Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsstandort 1010 Vienna, Stubenring 1 

The company has no direct or indirect participation (of more than 10 %) in the voting rights or the share capital of an insurance company. No insurance company or its mother company is participating (with more than 10 %) in the voting rights or the share capital of the company.
The advice given by the company is based on fair and professional analysis of the insurance market as requested by Art. 28 (3) Austrian Broker Act.

Member of Austrian Chamber of Commerce WKO, Vienna branch, Vienna division of professional association of insurance brokers and insurance consultants.

Sustainability-related disclosure according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 

We pursue an independent sustainability strategy in which we take into account as far as possible negative effects of investment decisions. In doing so, we thoroughly consider conceivable developments in environmental, social and corporate governance matters that could actually or potentially have significant negative effects on the value of the investment. Particular consideration is given to the following areas: buying or renting office space, procurement of business equipment, IT and company vehicles.

For the time being we do not have sufficiently transparent information on insurance products to be able to adequately assess the adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors. We continuously monitor further legal developments as well as the measures taken by the insurance industry and, after having received relevant information, we will consider possible negative effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors when advising our clients.

As part of our remuneration policy, we continuously analyze the remuneration received and granted. So far, sustainability factors have not been taken into account because this was not customary in our market. If further legal developments should enable or require the consideration of such factors, we will examine its application to existing or future remuneration and ensure the corresponding disclosure.

Status: 10.03.2021

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