Insurance is and has been the most efficient tool for transferring risk for energy companies. It is the cost-effective way to replace capital, protect cash flow, facilitate financing and maintain investor confidence.
We create and deliver tailor-made risk management solutions to incumbent companies as well as to fast-growing entrepreneurial new entrants. 

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Are you ready for free electricity?

Europe is massively investing in Renewable energy production. Detractors of these technologies have a lot of compelling arguments and one of the most relevant is the energy availability: What if there is an instant surge in demand? What if everyone in England starts…

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Offshore Wind Insurance

In October 2018 for instance, Ingérop was victim of a cyber attack where perpetrators were able to get documents relating to nuclear plants, jails/correctional facilities and railway lines.

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Zviadi Vardosanidze

Group Practice Leader Energy, Power and Mining

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