Agriculture is an important starting point of the food supply chain in any society. Its financial resilience is crucial for the further processing and distribution of food.

Our clients in agriculture are:

  • Field crops farmers
  • Orchards & Vineyards
  • Livestock and bloodstock breeders
  • Fisheries
  • Seeds, fertilizers and chemicals producers and suppliers
  • Agricultural machinery producers and distributors
  • Agricultural traders and logistics
  • The other companies, who cater services to agricultural industry
  • Forestry and wood processing

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“For every little concern, GrECo’s experts are available and our questions are answered promptly. The enormous savings on our insurance policies are the icing on the cake.

Matthias-Heinzel GrECo Group client

Matthias Heinze

General Manager at F.G. Rákó

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Maksym Shylov

Group Practice Leader
Food & Agriculture

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