For the successful operation of a company, not only capital but know-how and competent employees are also important. A major factor for the success is the adequate protection of the company against various exposures. The financial consequences of a loss of property, equipment, machinery and stocks can threaten the existence of a company.

And when the damages cannot be recovered immediately, they result in a limited or disabled operation. In practical terms, this means a loss of earnings while the fixed costs for rent, salaries and charges continue. A business interruption insurance protects you against financial losses by replacing the missing margins and the loss of profit.

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Stormy Times

While the number of losses caused by fire is decreasing due to the constant development of preventive measures, the picture is quite the opposite for losses caused by natural hazards.

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To lead the way in the hard market!

Rudolf Schiel, Competence Center Manager Property & Engineering at GrECo, spoke with Klaus Riechmann, Managing Director of the new Ecclesia Re, about the challenges of placing property insurance programmes and the role of the reinsurance…

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