The complexity of today´s risk environment is changing at an accelerating pace, making risk management even more challenging. We address these challenges by highlighting underlying systemic transformations and their implications for future risk and insurance management in various sectors.

Under the title “Environment in danger”, our upcoming HORIZON series concentrates on the ecological transformation and therefore looks at all its challenges from various angles.

Other crises, the climate crisis being a prominent example, are more likely to emerge as developments that gradually manifest themselves. The full extent of their impact will only occur in the future and are therefore not immediately apparent.

In the risk management context of these systemic transformations, we classified these “risk changers” that directly affect a company and use the terms:

  • “Environment in danger” for ecological,
  • “Beyond globalisation” for geopolitical,
  • “Digital transition” for technological and
  • “Social disruption” for social transformation.

We have created Horizon, firstly as a print publication and now as a platform for sharing the latest insights about ongoing transformations. Our risk specialists will continue to provide their expertise and knowledge to shine a light on the challenges of the future.

Georg Winter


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