At GrECo we take great pride in our people, our most important resource.

They have been the key to our success for so many years. Our teams collaborate closely, across the borders, sharing knowledge and expertise throughout the group. Thus, in a joint effort, we provide the best insurance solutions and services to our clients all over the globe. The integrity and spirit of our dedicated teams set us apart from our competitors in all the GrECo markets.

Prioritizing Employee Welfare

Employee welfare is an important issue, and we consider health and safety a part of our corporate responsibility. We work closely with our advisors and partners to regularly review and evaluate topics that may cause mental stress at the workplace.

Protecting the health and well-being of our workforce and our clients was our top priority during the pandemic. Fully backing our employees mirrors our corporate culture and the way we respect and treat each other. This meant that we, at GrECo, also protected the financial safety of our people. We are proud to say that not a single employee was left behind due to the pandemic.

More and more of our offices provide so-called collaboration and recreational areas. Noise levels were reduced considerably in many offices by putting up acoustic pictures that also add a touch of colour to the different units.

At GrECo, we are proud of our GrECo RuNNing teams that put their sportive efforts together to participate in Business Runs and similar events throughout the group. In addition, our colleagues also compete in other sports, such as skating, football and tennis.

Providing Professional Knowledge

We follow a learning strategy of providing our employees with professional knowledge in various areas. Naturally, we concentrate our efforts on  insurance technical know-how, legal and compliance topics, but also method and personal skills.

Moreover, we also promoted the individual development of our employees in various programmes, such as university degrees in insurance and economics. We are also proud of the GrECo Training programmes we offer internally. We provide digital learning and blended learning programmes, to reach out to everybody throughout the  and to empower and inspire our people.

Sharing Our Knowledge

Facing the challenges of the ever-decreasing life cycle of knowledge and the rapid advance of mobile learning, we put a strong focus on increasing the number of GrECo eLearning modules group-wide, especially in the area of Insurance Technical Know-how. Sharing our knowledge and making it accessible for everybody on a group-wide scope is one of the key missions in our HR work. We have created a new knowledge hub and virtual collaboration zones for our communities of practice, using new tools.

Our teams get together regularly to exchange their ideas and find solutions, to constantly develop and improve our tools and workflows. In light of the pending digitalisation, administrative tasks are streamlined and reduced, complex procedures are simplified.

Our Employees’ GrECo Experience

“First, it was an adventure for me, until I realized how serious the insurance industry is. I am an entrepreneurial spirit, I need to „build“ something every day. I focus on my colleagues. When I go into the office and get a smile from my colleagues, this is what counts”

Dušanka Talić

General Manager
GrECo Serbia

I started my apprenticeship in 1990 and today I am a Regional Manager. I started my apprenticeship at GrECo because a sponsor at that time guaranteed that GrECo would be a very good training place. When I think back to my apprenticeship, I spontaneously remember that many familiar faces were already working in the company at that time.”

Michael Glück

Regional Manager Vienna/Lower Austria

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Gabriele Andratschke

Head of Group Human Resources

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