Technological change has resulted in an over-dependence on data, software and IT infrastructure. All are targets of a rapid increase of cyber threats all over the world and are thus one of the biggest threats of the 21st century.

Technological change enables us to pursue totally new paths. While the automation and digitisation of value chains is gaining importance, the full potential of mergers, transparency, big data, and metadata remains to be exploited. Manufacturers of previously traditional products and services are becoming system providers, goods are being replaced by data, and machines by platforms.

We are undergoing times of permanent change, which many refer to as systemic transformation or multiple crises strung together. This change takes place in different fields and segments. They, in turn, are interlinked at various levels. HORIZON’s risk-oriented approach aims to define and outline the key areas of change affecting your company. In doing so, we take a close look at the systemic influences of ecological, geopolitical, technological and social transformation on your company’s risk landscape.

Read what our risk expert had to share regarding the future of technological risks in front of us.

“To Be or Not to Be”?

Other crises, the climate crisis being a prominent example, are more likely to emerge as developments that gradually manifest themselves.

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Innovations on the Way

Driverless transport systems, packaging, loading and reloading are already typical robotic examples which will gain in importance.

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Accelerated change

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated existing trends which will continue to shape the real estate sector in the years to come.

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Quo Vadis sanitas?

There are three megatrends which will affect the entire healthcare system in the near future: an increasing and aging population, lack of medical staff as well as a rising dependency on new technologies

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The Quiet Revolution

At the same time and with increasing urbanisation, infrastructure and smart city developments, a stronger focus will be put on making infrastructure and transport more efficient and sustainable.

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System Switch to Autopilot

Traditional B2B and B2C companies are increasingly working together and are increasingly building a new B2B2C business (Business to Business to Customer). “Affinity” is the buzzword of the hour.

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The complexity of today´s risk environment is changing at an accelerating pace, making risk management even more challenging. We have created HORIZON, firstly as a print publication and now as a platform for sharing the latest insights about ongoing transformations. Our risk specialists will continue to provide their expertise and knowledge to shine a light on the challenges of the future.

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