When we look at climate change, we refer to climate risks. They are apparent in form of a change or an increased exposure to natural disasters, such as floods, storms, and hail as well as heat, drought or a rising sea level. As far as companies are concerned, these risks can cause anything from material damage to disruptions of transport routes, energy, or raw material supplies.

In the fight against climate change, many companies have decarbonised their processes or developed sustainable products. Saving resources and taking advantage of new opportunities are key focal points. However, new products and processes lead to new risks that must be identified at an early stage.

We are undergoing times of permanent change, which many refer to as systemic transformation or multiple crises strung together. This change takes place in different fields and segments. They, in turn, are interlinked at various levels. HORIZON’s risk-oriented approach aims to define and outline the key areas of change affecting your company. In doing so, we take a close look at the systemic influences of ecological, geopolitical, technological and social transformation on your company’s risk landscape.

Read what our risk expert had to share regarding the future of ecological risks in front of us.

“To Be or Not to Be”?

Other crises, the climate crisis being a prominent example, are more likely to emerge as developments that gradually manifest themselves.

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Rethinking the Energy of the Future

Insurers are faced with a challenge during the energy transition. The past loss experience can no longer be used for predictive scenarios. New risks will emerge.

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Decarbonisation takes its toll

Amongst those most affected by decarbonisation efforts is the financial services industry, such as equity investors, lenders and insurers.

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Rescue for the Sinking Ship

The international shipping industry produced just over one billion tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) in 2018, almost 10% more than in 2012.

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Managerial Decisions Stand Trial

Environmental protection and measures curbing climate change have not lost their geopolitical and socio-political relevance during the pandemic.

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The complexity of today´s risk environment is changing at an accelerating pace, making risk management even more challenging. We have created HORIZON, firstly as a print publication and now as a platform for sharing the latest insights about ongoing transformations. Our risk specialists will continue to provide their expertise and knowledge to shine a light on the challenges of the future.

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