Young people gluing themselves to roads, the Friday for Future movement, Last Generation…
If you have followed the media recently, you are probably aware that the younger generation cares about the environment and their future, and that they are willing to go to the extreme to prove their point.  Even though 70% of the younger generation think that gluing yourself to the street is not the right way to deal with the current situation, the prevailing feeling is that something must be done about climate change (80%)*.
*Data source: Ö3 Youth Study
We asked GrECo’s youngest generation for their opinions:

Sebastian Felber
Account Executive

The world is becoming increasingly uncertain. That’s why it’s so important for companies to look at risk management and insurance. I want to help companies on this journey and work with them to develop the right strategies to improve their resilience.

Only 20% of young people believe that enough is currently being done to combat climate change. More than half believe it is primarily the responsibility of politicians and businesses to find solutions and create the right conditions.
Mihaila Cristian
Account Executive

I chose a career in the insurance industry as a young person because of its inherent stability, the ability to make a meaningful impact on individuals and businesses, its dynamic nature, and the potential for financial success. It aligns with my aspirations and offers a fulfilling and promising career path.

According to the Ö3 youth study, as vegetarianism gains traction, young adults are advocating for veggie-days in schools and universities. It is thought this trend could create a snowball effect, driving plant-based eating, at least a few times a week, beyond campuses and into communities.
Elsa Heine
Account Executive

As a young newcomer in the insurance industry, I particularly appreciate the opportunity to assist people in challenging life situations and provide them with security. This industry allows me to continually learn and evolve in various areas, and I relish the teamwork and collaboration with colleagues to collectively find the best solutions for our clients.

Gen Z is right behind reusing and refurbishing old items. They appreciate the opportunity to reduce electronic waste, and the appeal of getting high-quality gadgets at a lower price aligns with their pragmatic and eco-conscious values.  As a result, refurbished products have surged in popularity in recent years as an enticing alternative to purchasing brand-new items.
Almir Kudic
Account Manager

As an insurance broker, I value the opportunity to assist businesses in ensuring they are optimally protected and financially secure. This role allows me to comprehend the specific needs of various enterprises and offer tailored insurance solutions. I feel fulfilled knowing that I have a positive impact on others’ businesses by helping them guard against unforeseen risks.

Despite enormous technological challenges and great progress in the development of electric cars, according to the Ö3 youth study, two-thirds of Gen Z still want to buy the more conventional combustion engine car. This may be surprising to some since it is precisely the “young” or “last generation” that regularly clings to nostalgia and demands no more than “100 km/h on motorways” and “no new oil and gas projects in Austria”, for example.
Marko Talic
Account Executive

The best insurance is the one you never have to use. Nevertheless, in the world of increasing uncertainty and growing risks it is our task to mitigate the negative impacts of unforseeable events. A big motivation for me is helping companies to strive to ensure a risk-resilient work environment through implementation of adequate risk and insurance related strategies.

The ever-increasing use of AI is spreading across all industries and sectors as we experiment and explore how this novel technology can help us in a myriad of different ways.  From automotive to agriculture, mechanics to media, AI technology is taking the world by storm. 

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