Independent Family Company

The GrECo Group is an independent family-run company. The Neubrand family has been its majority owner for almost 50 years and will remain at the helm in the future. Our independence as well as the role of the Neubrand family as majority owners are essential aspects of the corporate strategy and key to GrECo´s long-lasting success.

Reliability and Stability – A Sustainable Corporate Strategy

As an owner-managed company GrECo is renowned for its reliability, stability and independence. This independence is a privilege because we remain unaffected by the volatile influences of capital markets and do not have to deal with stock market analysts or share prices. We are free to solely focus on meeting the needs of our clients. This not only makes us very resilient but adds to our excellent financial strength through strong equity capitalisation.

Family Members in Key Functions

The founding pioneer and Chairman of the Supervisory Board Friedrich Neubrand, his sons Georg and Fritz as well as grandson Markus are part of the family team.

Fritz and Georg Neubrand are members of the GrECo Holding Executive Board. In his dual role as Head of Sales, Fritz Neubrand is mainly responsible for the continued internationalisation of the Group. An additional important driver for business development is mergers and acquisitions, such as a recent project in the Baltics or one completed in the field of specialty insurance broking.

Georg Neubrand heads the Finance & Administration department in his dual role. He is the guardian of GrECo´s financial strength and mastermind behind those administrative processes and procedures that secure our service quality.

Recently, Markus Neubrand joined the family company. He is the digital head of the family and involved in the digitisation of sales projects as well as administrative processes.

Company News

GrECo Women´s Voices

We celebrate the International Women’s Day 2023 with the start of our series GrECo Women´s Voices. We invited our colleagues to share their thoughts, challenges and aspirations.

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