GrECo Specialty has appointed a new Group Practice Leader for its Transportation and Logistics Specialty.

Gediminas Dauksa will work with all GrECo Group countries to combine and expand the expertise we currently have in the Group. He will lead new projects and engage individually with countries and various teams to grow our presence in this vital industry sector.

Tell us something about your career path?
I have been a logistics insurance broker for nearly two decades. I had the privilege of launching risk management programs for automotive logistics, project cargoes, very thief attractive commodities, and niche markets like oversized cargoes during that time. I also focused on managing and preventing claims. Logistics insurance, for me, is being the first when it comes to innovations, as every case needs a unique approach. It’s being the last to call a day because you never know when you will get the next challenging cargo. It’s about chasing premiums and profits equally and respecting the risk because a simple freight is never simple enough.
What are your plans as the new Group Practice Leader Transportation & Logistics at GrECo?
I believe that the GrECo Group provides knowledge from the center of excellence to all group employees, allowing the development of stronger client relationships across the region by developing specialties and practices on the group level. The Transportation and Logistics practice will aim to grow business in the logistics industry. We will achieve that by developing specialty know-how across the GrECo offices, identifying new business opportunities, and aligning the group resources to realize these goals best.

Who is Gediminas Dauksa in private?
When I’m not trying to figure out puzzles of logistics insurance, you can find me sailing. The moment when you leave the harbor, turn off the engine, raise the sail and feel the movement of the boat powered only by nature is magical. Nothing beats a good game of chess during the winter when the sea is harsh. Besides that, I am a long-time supporter of FC Arsenal and McLaren F1 teams.

Gediminas Dauksa

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