The new world order is bringing many existing workplace trends to the fore, while accelerating the adoption of flexible and agile working environments and raising concerns about the mental health of employees. 

In the war for talent, a robust yet evolving Health & Benefits programme has become a key requirement for employers to stand out and attract new team members, while retaining and motivating the existing workforce. HR & Benefit teams are facing many challenges. Here are a few:

  • 5 generations in the workforce create challenges for the HR community
  • War for talent includes recruitment, retention, and motivation
  • Personalisation of benefits
  • Gender dysphoria
  • Menopause
  • Enhanced parental and leave policies
  • Wellbeing (financial / mental / physical / social)
  • Absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Mobile workforce, global mobility, and expats
  • Flexible and agile working
  • Employee value proposition

Employee expectations are changing too, and, with further challenges in recruitment and retention of talent, employers – not just small domestic, but even smaller multinationals – are considering introducing more diverse benefits for their people, sometimes for the first time.
Employers are looking to work with specialist consultancies who understand their business, employee requirements and, even more importantly, act as their true partner to provide sustainable long-term Health & Benefits solutions.
With the global outlook of 2023, protecting the health and wellbeing of employees has never been more important for employers than right now. More widely, addressing ESG factors can help employers manage their environmental and social footprint and determine their business risks and opportunities, and the social element is the direct link to Health & Benefits. When looking more widely at the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, good health and wellbeing is one of the 17 goals.  Our GrECo Health & Benefits team is already focussing on these important aspects in its conversations with clients.
Moving away from a “transactional” relationship to being seen as a partner, an extension to the HR team, our international specialist Health & Benefit Risk Managers work closely with HR & Benefit teams to support and advise on the current and future benefit strategies of the business.

Providing sustainable and tailored solutions

It is no longer just about insurance, it is about how an employer can successfully establish a robust, yet flexible Health & Benefits programme for the multigenerational and generational diverse workforce of today – and tomorrow.

We work with our clients to put in place:

  • Market-leading tailored Health & Benefits concepts which we compare to relevant labour and tax law options
  • Planning and support for in-house implementation and optimisation of existing systems
  • Support in the selection of partners through tender negotiations and comparisons, evaluations, etc., as well as support for tenders in line with public procurement law
  • Complete project management expertise to implement employee benefit schemes
  • Where needed, centralised multinational client coordination – centralising the benefits administration, compliance, governance, and stewardship
  • Local specialists, supported by group-wide international experts

If we look at the current geopolitical and global economic backdrop, we realise that despite our years of experience, we have never come across such high levels of uncertainty. Many questions remain unanswered, for example: When will the next pandemic hit? Or the next war? Will we face a global recession? Will the energy crisis worsen? In terms of Health & Benefits, the question is how can these programmes function and remain sustainable if and when we are confronted with the next challenge?
The new world order is bringing many existing workplace trends to the fore, while accelerating the adoption of flexible and agile working environments and raising concerns about the mental health of employees. 

What our clients say:


GÖZEN HOLDING is a group of companies, active in the field of airlines, representation, surveillance, fuel, controlling, brokerage, security and training in the aviation industry. Based on its experience and know-how gained over 44 years, Gözen Holding has become a brand in the industry. Gözen Holding continues its successful activities in tourism and in the aviation sector with more than 3,500 employees. GrECo Turkey has been the trusted broker of Gözen Holding since 2014. It was GrECo’s extensive know-how in employee benefits and experience in claims handling that motivated Gözen Holding to work with GrECo.

Сет Bozyiğit
Board Member at Gözen Holding A.Ş

Additional insurances for employees have become a key competitive factor in both recruitment and employee retention. That’s why we need a partner who is very familiar with all these processes and who provides personal top-notch services and solutions that fully support our employees.

ЕСЕ Türkiye

The expert in shopping centres and multifunctional complexes was founded in October 2000 in Istanbul. ЕСЕ Türkiye is an affiliate company of the German ECE, the European market leader in the field of shopping centres with approximately 200 centres under management and activities in 13 countries. With more than 50 years of experience in Europe and 22 years of experience in Turkey, ЕСЕ invests in the future of the retail industry. GrECo Turkey has been the trusted broker of ECE Türkiye since 2014.

İrem Tür
Human Resources Director ЕСЕ Türkiye

Thanks to GrECo’s comprehensive services and solutions, we, as Human Resources, ensure a high degree of employee satisfaction.  This helps us focus on our core business.


For over 85 years, GfK has been supporting its clients in business-critical decision-making processes concerning consumers, markets, brands, and media. GfK’s reliable data and insights, together with advanced AI capabilities, have revolutionised access to real- time, actionable recommendations that drive marketing, sales, and organisational effectiveness of GfK clients and partners.

Polia Green

HR Business Partner – Global Operations & GSC Bulgaria (MI, MM, MCI)
Human Resources Department | GfK | Bulgaria

Whenever when we required a specific service, additional clarification and follow-ups they were there for us! GrECo is a true partner who has our needs in mind and best interests at heart. They are great advisors whom we can count on for insights, current trends and possible solutions.


Established in 1995, APS Advanced Printing Systems is a company with leading market positions, track record and history in the production of thermal printer mechanisms, controller boards and tailor-made thermal printing solutions. APS engineering, production, sales offices and representatives are strategically located across the globe in Europe, Asia and the United States. The company aims to provide highly reliable, innovative thermal printer solutions that meet needs of customers’ applications.

Desislava Petrova

GrECo helps us understand new trends and differences in the market and take the best decisions for our employees. Their knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring staff expertise has added key elements to extend and augment our efficiency in employee care.

Preslava Gencheva joins GrECo

Preslava Gencheva

Deputy Group Practice Leader Health & Benefits

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