Traditional B2B and B2C companies are increasingly working together and are increasingly building a new B2B2C business (Business to Business to Customer). “Affinity” is the buzzword of the hour.

Business and customer relationships are changing radically. Digital, social and cloud-based developments and demanding customers are pushing for innovative sales channels. GrECo has recognized the changing signs in the market and also offers its client’s tailor-made B2B2C insurance-solutions to increase revenues, secure competitive advantages, win new customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers.

What is affinity?

Affinity insurance is the sale of insurance products by non-insurance intermediaries. The focus here is on the sale of insurance policies as a supplement to the core-product.

Affinity solutions are suitable for many potential partners, from banks to car-manufacturers, telecommunications-companies, utilities, retailers, e-commerce and various digital-players. Affinity sales has traditionally focused on selling ancillary insurance products to generate additional revenue or to differentiate themselves from the competition.

GrECo offers individual affinity insurance solutions to its clients, who act as partners here. How does this work? First, we develop a deep understanding of the respective company in order to find the most advantageous way of cooperation. In combination with a wide range of specializations and expertise, we then explore the potential for affinity insurance and ultimately develop a solution.

Affinity advantages for GrECo partners:

  • Risk-free sources of income
  • Greater involvement of sales-staff and use of sales-channels
  • Improvement of customer loyalty
  • Winning new customers
  • Creating competitive advantages
  • Potential for strategic differentiation

Affinity advantages for the customers of GrECo partner:

  • One-stop-shop for complementary products
  • Hassle-free shopping experience
  • Wide range of different affinity solutions
  • High quality products “refined” with insurance

Two selected GrECo success stories

JobRad-model with registration database fase24
Employees are offered a bicycle/e-bike to cover the daily distance between home and work. The employer provides a subsidy for the purchase of a suitable bicycle/e-bike up to an amount X. Following the expert advice, the fase24 bicycle dealer prepares a binding purchase offer with which the employee contacts his company. Once the employer’s allowance has been determined and the recipient is aware of his monthly salary deduction, the employer orders the bicycle/e-bike from the regional bicycle-dealer. The employee collects the bicycle from the dealer, where the bicycle is registered and insured.

EnergieSORGLOS with the public utility „Stadtwerke Klagenfurt“
In Klagenfurt, the customers of the municipal utilities will not have to worry about unforeseeable events when paying for their energy supply in future. Because within the scope of the EnergieSORGLOS packages for electricity and gas, Allianz Partners will provide protection in the future with integrated assistance and insurance services. If a job is lost because of an accident, illness or the insolvency of the employer, Allianz Partners will take over the installment payments for electricity and gas. In addition, rehabilitation costs as a result of an accident or serious illness will be covered. Depending on the option chosen, the compensation payment is 300 or 600 euros

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