At GrECo, we are passionate about making a positive impact on sustainability.

Sustainability is not just a trend, it’s our responsibility As a family business, GrECo takes a long-term view and
is committed to passing on its values and beliefs from generation to generation. That is how we, at GrECo, have
been living sustainability for almost 100 years. Naturally, we will continue to take this responsibility seriously
in the future. GrECo’s sustainability strategy mirrors this commitment perfectly.

Our ESG strategy is an essential part of our corporate strategy. It reflects our vision, mission and values. Moreover, it highlights the importance of taking a forward-thinking sustainable approach.

Championing future-focused independence
for sustainability

We believe that taking a long-term view and considering the impact of our actions on future generations is crucial for sustainability. We are committed to promoting future-focused independence to ensure a sustainable future for all of us.

Tailored solutions for unique sustainability challenges

Customised solutions are crucial for sustainability. As each of our clients faces unique sustainability challenges, we are committed to providing tailored solutions to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Building trust through accountability and transparency

Trust is a key value for sustainability. At GrECo, we promote accountability and transparency to build and maintain sustainable relationships and partnerships.

Promoting a positive workplace culture with empathy and respect

A positive workplace culture is essential for sustainability. At GrECo, we promote empathy and respect to create a work environment that is supportive and inclusive.

Key focus areas for a sustainable future

Our ESG strategy focuses on four key areas: Risks & Solutions, Environmental Performance, Social Responsibility, and Communications & Reporting. We have identified 13 topics to guide our efforts and create
a positive impact on the environment and society.

  • Integration of ESG into business policy and core processes
  • Establishment of ESG risk-thought leadership
  • Extension of services regarding transformational risks
  • Promotion of innovation for ESG solutions
  • Improvement of mobility management
  • Optimisation of operational ecology
  • Establishment of resource-friendly business processes
  • Development of a climate strategy
  • Creation of environmental management systems
  • Facilitation of a healthy working environment
  • Enforcement of employee equality
  • Promotion of people development
  • Funding of social responsibility

Risks & Solutions: Making a positive impact on sustainability

At GrECo, we are passionate about making a positive impact on sustainability. Our greatest leverage lies at the heart of our business: We understand the risks of our clients and provide tailored solutions to mitigate those risks.

Our goal is to advance sustainability by ensuring enduring and future-proof support for our clients on their risk transformation journey. That is why we have adopted a holistic approach to risk management, which helps organisations identify and address interrelated sustainability risks and opportunities. By integrating ESG criteria into business policies and expanding our services, we can become a game-changer. That way, we shall act as a multiplier for sustainability and make a significant positive impact. Join us in our mission to transform the future of sustainability!

Bachmann electronic GmbH

Headquartered in Feldkirch, Austria, Bachmann is a rapidly expanding organization with over 500 employees worldwide. They have been developing unique automation and system solutions for customers around the globe for more than 50 years. When it comes to automation in the energy, industry and maritime sectors, Bachmann is truly an expert. They excel at unique, tailor-made system and solutions, perfectly adapted
for the operating environment.

Bernhard Zangerl

CEO Bachmann electronic GmbH

As a leader in technology and the global
market for wind turbine automation,
we sign a 100% reliable partnership
to our customers. We value the same
close and trusting relationship with
GrECo, our long-standing partner
for proactive risk assessments and
tailor-made insurance services.

Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG

Saubermacher AG is an international waste management and recycling company based in Feldkirchen near Graz. The family owned company was founded in 1979 by Hans and Margret Roth and is a qualified partner for approx. 1,600 municipalities and around 42,000 companies. The company employs around 3,600 people in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia.

The company follows its vision of zero waste, i.e. processing waste in such a way that it can be kept in the cycle for as long as possible. For example, Saubermacher already achieves recycling rates of up to 95 percent for lithium-ion batteries and a recycling rate of around 86 percent for light packaging waste. As an important part of the circular economy, the company is also the leading producer of substitute fuels in Austria and additionally supports the industrynwith individual consulting services and waste intelligence on its way to more sustainability and CO2 neutrality. In GRESB’s (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) sustainability assessment, the environmental pioneer achieved an outstanding second place last year, and before that a sensational first place four times in a row.

Georg Ketzler

Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG

Saubermacher and GrECo are not
only connected by a long-standing
partnership, but also by a common
philosophy. As family businesses, we
both attach importance to creating
a sustainable future for the next
generations. With GrECo, we have
been continuously improving our risk
standard and promoting risk awareness
in our company for many years!

Gabriele Andratschke

Head of Group Human Resources

T +43 664 962 39 18

Petra Steininger

Head of Group Communications

T +43 664 548 55 58

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