GrECo’s sustainability strategy comprises a holistic and systematic approach, focusing on involving all stakeholders and raising awareness among employees.

GrECo is a family-owned business that has been committed to sustainability for almost 100 years. We believe that being a family business provides us with the unique advantage of taking a long-term perspective on our efforts. Sustainability is not only a social obligation for us but also a strategic opportunity to create long-term value for our stakeholders. With this mindset, we have consistently pursued this issue in our operations and strive to continue to do so in the future. In 2022, we set ourselves the goal of rethinking our sustainability strategy by focusing on ESG aspects.

Involving all stakeholders

We aim to involve all relevant stakeholders in our ESG strategy development. At the same time, we want to ensure that sustainability is integrated into our corporate strategy and lived by all our employees to create a livable future for all of us. Our sustainability strategy will be continuously monitored, and as we take steps into the future, the success of its implementation will be reported, regularly reviewed and adjusted.

Project implementation and sustainability roadmap

Four focus areas were identified: Risks & Solutions, Environmental Performance, Social Responsibility, and Communications & Reporting. A responsible person was nominated for each area to elaborate on the subtopics and create a sustainability roadmap. This roadmap includes KPIs, personnel and financial efforts as well as a timeframe. The roadmap has already been approved by the Supervisory Board and will be implemented in 2023 and 2024.

Georg Winter

CEO GrECo Group

At GrECo, we’re committed
to making a positive impact
on sustainability by supporting
our clients on their risk
transformation journey with
a holistic approach
to risk management.

Materiality and Stakeholder Analysis

In the coming years, GrECo will conduct a materiality analysis and stakeholder analysis to prioritise the 13 identfied topics. The company will ensure that all stakeholder groups, such as clients, employees, shareholders, and suppliers, are included in the process.

Neubrand_Georg, GrECo Group Leadership Member

Georg Neubrand

CFO GrECo Group

Our ESG strategy will
help us to reduce our carbon
footprint and enhance our
reputation as a responsible
business through ambitious
targets and sustainable

Implementation and employee training

We, at GrECo, understand that our employees play a vital role in ensuring the success of the ESG strategy. As a risk specialist, we recognise the importance of raising awareness among our employees about ESG issues.
This ensures they are well-equipped to advise clients on the impact ESG-related developments will have on their risk landscape. Therefore, in addition to integrating ESG criteria into our own business policy and expanding services, GrECo will also provide training and sensitise its employees across all 17 countries on ESG matters. This approach ensures that the entire team is aligned with the company’s sustainability goals and well-equipped to effectively support clients in achieving their own sustainability targets.

Andratschke_Gabriele, Head of GrECo Group Human Resources

Gabriele Andratschke

Head of Group Human Resources

We will take our
commitment to social issues
to the next level and further
enhance our focus on diversity,
inclusion, and human rights.

A holistic and systematic approach to sustainability

GrECo’s sustainability strategy comprises a holistic and systematic approach, focusing on involving all stakeholders and raising awareness among employees. By embracing ESG principles, GrECo aims to continue its legacy of sustainability for the next hundred years.

Steininger Petra, GrECo Group Head of Communication

Petra Steininger

Head of Group Communications

Our ESG strategy will
successfully implement
transparency and
accountability through
governance and reporting
practices, gaining
even more trust and
confidence to strengthen
our reputation.

Gabriele Andratschke

Head of Group Human Resources

T +43 664 962 39 18

Petra Steininger

Head of Group Communications

T +43 664 548 55 58

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