An interview with Natalia Zaborovska, Group Head of International at GrECo, about the new international strength of the merged companies GrECo and MAI.

Tell us something about your career path?

Like many people in our industry, I just fell into the “world of insurance”. For my diploma thesis, which was on an insurance topic, I approached an insurance company. As fate would have it, they were looking for someone with very good English skills. So, I did not only find information for my degree, but I also found my first job. I was invited to join MAI in 2000 when the company was just starting its expansion. I was appointed Head of International at MAI.

What are your plans as the new Group Practice Leader International at GrECo?

The first step for me is, of course, to get to know GrECo’s international structures and practices. It is important to find out where the strengths lie and what can be improved to achieve even better results and more efficiency. Then it’s a matter of bringing together the international practices of the two companies into a best practice and defining the strategy to ensure sustainable first-class service for global companies.

What will be the biggest challenges?

My big priority is to generate a recognised and shared recipe for success for all employees from both companies and a new group spirit in working together. As we have learned in the past years, companies have to adapt to various external challenges. We have lived through pandemic times and learned to do business and even acquisitions via Zoom, MS Teams and other electronic media. The world is constantly changing, and so are we. That is why we need to be open-minded and adapt quickly.

You live in Australia but come from Latvia. How did that come about?

The story is quite simple – I fell in love here and got married. In my role, it doesn’t matter where I am, as my teams and my partners are based all over the world. But I’m already looking forward to my first trip to my family in Riga and my new colleagues in Vienna, as soon as the pandemic makes it possible.

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Natalia Zaborovska

Natalia Zaborovska

Group Head of International

T +372 5824 3096