The global supply chain is so important for the worldwide flow of goods that we have made it the focus of this issue of Spotlight publication, focusing on the risks that a globally operating supply chain entails.

The world has become more vulnerable. We are experiencing natural disasters on an ever-increasing scale, global supply chain dependencies, cyber attacks, a pandemic and now the war in Ukraine.

Suddenly, the downsides of globalisation that gave us stable economic growth for a long time is also noticeable. The consequences of negative events are interruptions in global supply chains, backlogs in orders, rising raw material and energy prices and economic imbalances.

Some of the highlights in this Spotlight edition include:

  • Ever Given Incident: Learn more about how the shipping disaster at the Suez Canal has affected the entire world economy, insurance market and risk landscape.
  • Full order books and yet insolvent: Read in depth about interrupted supply chains, backlogs of orders, price increases for energy and raw materials, payment defaults and economic difficulties of companies.
  • Light at the end of the tunnel: The loss potential for supply chain disruption is large and runs into the billions. A new, promising risk assessment approach can lead to the loss reduction we have been longing for.

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