Managing the risks in Food & Agriculture is particularly important as any business activities in this industry – from farmers, breeders and producers to suppliers, supermarkets, and restaurants – help maintain stability in our society. Their financial resilience is also key to the supply, processing, distribution, and protection of food.

In our new publication FOODprint, we address a variety of topics and insurance solutions and also highlight the growing importance of risk management and alternative solutions like parametric insurance.

Some of the highlights in this edition of the FOODprint include:

  • Epizootics are a global problem: Learn about the way to protect against risks and minimize losses for meat farmers and processors;
  • International vs Local Insurance: Find out how do Food & Agriculture companies insure their plants abroad;
  • How to insure the uninsurable – Take a look at practical applications of Parametric insurance;
  • In the ocean of uncertanity: Choosing the correct risk management strategy in Food & Agriculture is hard. Read about how we approach risk management.

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Food & Agriculture

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